Butter & Hazel

Juul Blazer - Bottle

€35,95 €119,95

The blazer you stole from your boyfriend / brother, but is actually not his. Nope, this one on yours and will go with you everywhere! To work, to party's, on a plane (very travel proof cause it does not wrinkle easily), simply everywhere! Size up for a oversized, vintage look. Oh, and watch your boy/bro, cause he might steal it.

Models are 1,65m and 1,75m and both wearing a size S. We wanted to create  oversized look so we decided to size up. 95% polyester, 5% elastane.

Sleeves Length Waist Breast Hips
XS 55 cm 70 cm 84 cm 90 cm 96 cm
S 57 cm 71 cm 86 cm 93 cm 99 cm
M 58 cm 72 cm 88 cm 97 cm 103 cm
L 59 cm 74 cm 92 cm 98 cm 105 cm

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