Founded in Amsterdam by Benthe and Isidoor. Butter & Hazel is a concept created for girls who want to be fearless and feminine. We came up with the idea of creating something while we were in Bali surrounded by nature, chill vibes and.. the coolest girls on earth.
And let’s be honest: we all want to be THAT girl.
We created this brand for everyone who wants to stand out and is not afraid to show what they got wearing our clothes and swimwear. Make it your own and create looks that suit your personal style. With heels or boots, casual or fancy. We hope to share a little bit of us with you.
we design every product in Amsterdam, and every piece is ethically produced in Italy or Portugal. we want our brand to be as sustainable as possible and we are working hard to achieve our goals. We try to use as little plastic as possible and use organic, natural or recycled fabrics. We do not mass produce and we will always prioritize ethical practices. Our goal is to minimize waste, which is why we create limited collections. We sell each item until it is completely sold out, no items will go to waste. Your butter & hazel item is one that will be worn for a long time, no fast fashion.

we can't wait for you to fall in love with your Butter & Hazel piece.